Now what?

1 03 2014

I originally intended to start this way back in May of 2013, on the heels of my first half marathon.

The half marathon came about in a funny way. A few of my friends are crazy (most of them are actually, but that’s why they are my friends!)  and have run marathons, half marathons and have this infectious love for the sport.  One of the friends had a dream of visiting me in Cleveland, and I mentioned that we have a lovely marathon. Next thing I knew the other threw down the gauntlet. If I would train for and run the half, she would come and do it with me.  The other, piped up that she would check flight prices. The rest, as they say, is history.

I trained alone, on a training plan loosely based on Hal Higdon’s beginner plan and the Train Like a Mother  “Finish It” plan.  I had virtual support from both of them but as we all lived VERY far apart, texts, messages and email support was as far as it went.  We had an amazing time. I often used my lunch hour to do my mid week runs. M would start about 11:30 with a “so you running today?” text. Most times I was good to go, others I had a whiny reason why I was going to skip it. She would always remind me I would never regret going. It got me through a very cold spring and all the uncharted territory that my weekly long runs were covering.  Spending that weekend with my friends and crossing that finish line was just the most amazing thing ever. And deep down, despite saying I would never do it again, I knew I was up for the challenge again.


I don’t think I’ll be running multiple half’s per year. But I’m trying to do a bunch more 5K’s to keep me focused on the fun of it all. My local BFF and I have run 3 in the past 5 months and have a few more on deck for the coming months. Two of the three races have been sub 20 degree weather with the last one basically running through a snowglobe for 3.1 miles. I have 2 different friends that have signed up for this small town half with me (the race is capped at 1,000 runners and it’s already sold out! ) so I’m thinking I’m in for another awesome experience. And this year, I own a pool, that with any luck,  will be open and ready for a post race dip. If nothing else there will be margarita’s on the deck!

I’m hoping to be able to travel to run races in my infectious friends’ cities in the future. I’ve got a few races added to my bucket list, and hoping I can make them happen as my youngest is a bit less dependent on me.  But really, my running is about making me take the time to do something for me.  I still owe myself the pedi I promised myself after tackling my first 7 mile run (more than half way to my goal, over a year ago now) so obviously I’m not good at taking that time. My runs have preserved my sanity in an insane last year.   This time I’m hoping to be lighter, faster and smarter about my training and race. So far I’m on the right track, but I’m still 90 days out from my race.



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5 04 2014
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