And then?

3 03 2014

The second half marathon looming on the horizon has refocused me on fitness, not just haphazard runs here and there.  I’ve spent the winter cheering on from afar my more fair weathered friends, including having an assist via text for an amazing PR by one. It really inspired me to not just “finish it” but to set a time goal for myself. Watching the transformation in others amazes me, but  I just can’t pull the trigger to do the work to myself.  Now that my youngest is semi-sleeping through the night and no longer so dependent upon me, I had to admit I was the only thing standing in my way.

My employer has a pretty robust health and wellness program. My annual performance review included an area for health and wellness goals and accomplishments. My supervisors were aware last spring of my training and even ok’d a few slightly extended lunch breaks to complete some of my runs. I’m pretty lucky, I will admit.  I started over the holidays with a program to maintain my weight. I had dropped a few pounds over the end of the fall once my toe healed up, but then my birthday came and I spiraled a bit out of control with my sugar addiction, again.  I suceeded, and even lost a few pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years.  Then came the Healthy Start new years program.  About the same time,  a group of friends discussed doing a private challenge based on The Game On Diet.  We tweaked the rules and set our teams.  I’ve lost 10 pounds now since January. Apparently, I am much more reliable when someone else also has a prize on the line. Whatever works, right? It has been a great experience thus far and is so nice to share our victories and bring each other up when we stall out.  I’m breaking through the same 10 pounds I’ve lost and gained over and over in the past 3 years,  finally hitting the medication related weight that has been hanging out for nearly 10 years. I can’t blame the kids anymore because I’m past my pre pregnancy weights.  I’ve got some more work to do but I’m on a good track currently.

I’ve bought new shoes to celebrate the solid 10 pound loss. We are neck and neck to win the Game On – so I’m hoping that will bring in another tangible reminder of my success.
The best part about the Game On has been the required 30 minutes per day of exercise. I was a bit worried about it, because, heck I’m doing long runs that are over an hour now, so I don’t NEED to exercise 6 days a week, right?  Wrong! This has been so fabulous for encouraging cross training. I have noted progress in my flexibility because I am doing yoga on a regular basis. My speed appears to be improving a bit as well, and I actually WANT to get my exercise done. I’m planning ahead to avoid missing out on my exercise points. The Game On with friends is a bunch of VERY competitive, head strong women. Its tight. Seriously, most weeks we’ve all gotten the total points available. Something we joked about never happening as we set it up. I’m drinking  so much more water, staying on my calorie goal, tracking and really thinking about the things I eat. I’ve walked the dog a few times even just to move a bit on the days I didn’t need to run.

I’m all in. I know as I ramp up my mileage I will likely not see loss like I am now. But moving from the mentality that “I ran today I can have that (fill in the blank with something super tasty and sugary)” mentality is leaving. I’m actually trying NOT to eat the calories I earn with my exercise, with exception of really pushing my protein for recovery after the long runs, and I’m feeling strong.

I’m a work in progress, and I’m banking on seeing those results come race day.





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