Unexpected break – winter just won’t end!

3 04 2014

Three plus weeks since I posted, almost that long since I ran. I knew my time was going to be dicey as we had out of town family coming to stay with us for a week. My optimistic side thought ” Yay! Adults to stay with the kids while I sneak in some sweat sessions.”

The reality was extra adults equals extra stuff going on, and then a vicious bout with what was most likely influenza A (or maybe B) lead to being be out of bed being the most challenging workout for me. The little got it too, so we were a hot mess to say the least. We survived, guests departed, and life went back to normal.

That’s not true. We were much more normal after a week, but it took more than 2 weeks to kick the wicked cough. Lifting the codeine cough syrup or NyQuil bottle was my nightly workout. The fact that we were leaving for our epic spring break trip did not make things any easier. There is lots involved in prepping a family of 4 for a 3,000 mile road trip

So, my last run was a lovely lunch time run, in early March, the 11th per runkeeper, until I got my feet moving again. Who knew my next run would be in The Lone Star State?



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