Getting back on the horse

5 04 2014

When we last left our superhero, er mother runner, she was recovering from illness and headed on a family Spring Break road trip. As a working mother runner, I had to be creative in our approach to a 21 hour drive. The tough part was coping with the limited days our key attractions were open. Key attraction being Sea World San Antonio. The kids needed the Orca Experience–it was our Wally World.

“It’s a quest for fun!”

There would be no leisurely trip towards Texas–it needed to be ludicrous speed. We started out as soon as I finished working on Friday, tossed around the idea of driving straight thru, but settled on knocking 5.5 hrs out of our drive and grabbing a few hours of sleep before embarking on the remainder of our journey to Shamu.

The drive southwest was remarkably unremarkable. We stopped for meals as quickly as possible, and the small people were amazingly agreeable. Promise of ice cream near the destination seemed to fuel them on.

We made it! No one had to punch the moose and we worked Sea World like a four pack of bosses. The man’s Fitbit buzzed the five-mile mark about lunch time. We walked a good 4-5 miles after that as well. It was a gloriously successful day that ended in snuggles with large stuffed whales and smiling kiddos.

Orca experience

Orca experience

I woke before the crew Monday, and quietly dressed and did my best to exit quietly. The hotel was very close to the park and hence near many highway exits. It did not appear to be run friendly, so I opted for the treadmill. My feet screamed when I put my shoes on but I hoped for the best. I managed to run two miles with a lengthy warm up (me actually warming up is rare so .4m warm up is impressive) while trying to get updated on the news. I was hoping for interesting information related to Flight 370, but alas “Conscious Uncoupling” took up the bulk of the 30 minutes I had.

Overall my return was successful, my lungs were not hacked up, I did not pass out, I kept a decent pace. It wasn’t awesome, but totally acceptable and enough to convince me that I wouldn’t die trying for nearly six miles with my friend later in the week, even though she tossed around the term “track work” a couple of times. My last long run was a tale of misery post-run, and at the very least I was apprehensive. A nice, long-for-me-right-now run with a friend is just what I need to get back on the horse that threw me.



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