Vacation hangover

9 04 2014

Our epic road trip complete, it was back to our normally scheduled programming on Monday. Everyone rejoiced at seeing the pup, freshly groomed from the boarders. We did our best to wade through the unpacking and get work and school complete before we collapsed into our beds.

Tuesday was even worse. The weather was 50’s though which is nice compared to what was happening when we left. The sun was shining. It was almost like we weren’t back in Ohio.

My normal routine is to run at lunch on Tuesday and Thursday, then a long run over the weekend whenever I can fit it in. I try for a fourth run as well, but it’s not always a given. I hesitated to run because of Mt. Washmore waiting for me in the basement, but decided the dirty clothes could wait and set out.

I couldn’t recall how to start the Garmin, and I ended up leaving it at home. I used my standby runkeeper app and set out with no plan. Heck, 10 minutes ago I wasn’t even planning to run. I ended up going towards a loop I found last summer. It’s hilly but gives a little bit of a warm up before the gradual up, up, up. The wind was no joke, but at least it wasn’t biting cold like my winter lunch runs. The sun tried to cheer me up, but my tired concrete laden legs kept pulling me down. A mile in heartburn started. Where did that one come from?

I suffered through and I didn’t take the easy way back to the house, but when I was four houses away and my phone rang, I gladly slowed to a walk and answered. I ended up with 2.6 miles, but better than none. I felt just like I had tried to run after a long night out, yet I hadn’t had a drink in over a week. I guess the post vacation adrenaline wore off and I was in hangover phase. I hope tomorrow is back to normal.



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