An even three

12 04 2014

Thursday rolled around, surprisingly just after Wednesday. I tried to talk myself out of running at lunch. It didn’t work. My neurotic self realized I have less than 2 months until my second half marathon. Good thing neurotic me remembered this, because lazy me was thinking of just relaxing at lunch.  50 days to go and my longest run to date this year was that eight and a half that ended badly. Very badly.  Needless to say, I laced up and headed out. This time, mastering the Garmin trickster start up technique. I even donned capris, and a hoodie (which was tied around my waist by mile two) it’s amazing how much less prep work goes in to decent weather running.


Yes, they are blindingly white, despite 6 days in Texas.

I started out and felt decidedly better than Tuesdays attempt. The Garmin gave me data, that I found a bit motivating,  possibly too much. I did a quick for me two miles and realized I was hurting. If I wanted to make it to three today,  I needed to cool my jets. I succeeded at that for about a half mile, then I seemed to inch back up. I really need to work on pacing myself. I honestly need to figure out my goal paces for these runs.

My intention was to follow a melded version of Train Like a Mother and Hal Higdon’s plan with a splash of the new runkeeper training program mixed in. Runkeeper calls for nine at an easy pace, with next weekend as 10 at race pace. I will see how I feel, I know I’m not ready for next weeks plan.  My goal is to stay within a minute per mile of my goal for race day, we will see how far I end up going, but its looking like between seven and ten. Right now being gone for 10 days, with a two week flu prior to that, has me flailing like a fish out of water. Tomorrow is a new day, and I’m planning to leave on the early side to run the second part of the half course. I’ll basically skip mile seven of the course, where I turned off last month, and run from about the eight mile mark that is about a quarter of a mile from my front door to the finish, then another two-ish home.I’m hoping for just as strong a performance, without all the winter hazards, and a much more pleasant post run experience.  It appears the weather will cooperate with a forecast calling for 45 degrees and partly cloudy, just about perfect.


If my week is on an uphill trajectory, then an even three on Thursday was a perfect lead in to a great training session on Saturday, right?


What a difference a few weeks makes!



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