What the hell? Go for twelve!

4 05 2014

As I mention ad nauseum, scheduling my long run is often a challenge. This week was no different. I got my other runs in, with a bit of an alternate schedule as we’ve had yet another bout with illness. This time I was spared apart from a headache that may have been related, but the other members of the family were knocked down like a domino train.

Tuesday, I did a 5k race pace run that raced daylights end. I was a bit sore and winded, the good kind, afterwards. A fine end to the puked on evening I had endured. The original plan had The Man running the local school foundation 5k with The Kid Friday night. The Man was knocked out by Wednesday evening, so I stepped in. I skipped my Thursday run in case The Kid decided to sprint. At eight, you can never tell which version of The Kid you are going to encounter. Speedy Gonzales or The Master Complainer. Let’s just say it wasn’t Speedy, but TMC was bribed encouraged to finish strong. 36:59 isn’t too shabby seeing as he has only been out running a handful of times this season, and this brutal winter had him indoors way too much.

Saturday was heavy with family obligations. Swim lessons are in short order in these parts and you have to be the early bird to catch the worm that fits with a working mom’s schedule. That done, the yard meadow needed the inaugural mow, along with the dig the mower out of the shed task. Then the errands. If a long run was fitting in it was post Panera, Lowes, Target and Sam’s Club. But, yeah, that list was a long run in and of itself.

It’s no secret that M at I Thought They Said Rum, is a friend of mine. She’s my virtual BRF. We’ve run together a total of twice, but we are in daily contact. She even sends me disapproving selfies if I ponder skipping a run or eating a full pint of Ben & Jerry’s. I’d probably revert to my former couch sitting ways if it wasn’t for her. I for sure would only be running 3-5 miles maximum.  I reviewed the family calendar from now until race day, 5/31. Realizing I had 4 weekends between now and then, I had to make the most of it. I had a decent window Sunday am, but next weekend was dicey in regards to child care. Strategy texting with M commenced. We had decided last week I would do another 10 (or 11) this weekend, then 12, 6 and 60 minutes for my long run/taper schedule. I filled her in on my schedule observations, and we agreed the best plan was to flip the next two weeks. It meant bailing on a group course run this week, and arranging a sitter but it wasn’t impossible. And if absolutely necessary I could do 10 on the treadmill next week but the thought of 12 on the dread mill brought tears to my eyes. I am so lucky to have an equally neurotic BRF to discuss this crap in such detail. I trust her judgement, she’s benefitted so much from her training at Rogue, and she gets our insane schedule here.


As 6:15am hit , I stumbled out the front door, it was drizzling and a bit dark, but thanks to an earlier neurotic episode (leading up to the CLE half – a lovely summary can be found here, as well as the concern of rain) I have a light weight bright green rain jacket. Banana in hand, I started my ascent up the street, thinking of her assistance determining a strategic water hiding location, our obsessive wardrobe weather discussions, and the fact that if she was here I would not have forgotten my damn lip balm, again.

My original plan had been to join up with the final group course run but they weren’t starting until 7:30. I needed to be home by 9:15, and wanted to do 12 miles. I first thought of running four before the meet up, as the house is within half a mile of the eight mile marker. Doing the math, I realized I would be tempting fate to try to get home in time, if anything went wrong I would be in serious trouble.

My plan then turned into a three-peat of my recent back to back double digit runs. I would go out backwards on the toughest part of the course, and then most likely be caught up to by the group before returning home. I’d add on my two mile loop turning off the course near home to bring it to 12. My turn around at mile 5 would be the courses mile four,  I figured the speedy ones might catch me along the lake. As I did my back of the out and back at the lake, I kept setting mini goals. “I’ll get to that bench before anyone passes me.” Then “I’ll get across the bridge” I made it back to the road without a pack chasing me. This was good and bad. I had hoped to have other runners along side, passing me as I plodded up the big main route hill. It may have been a blessing though because I didn’t have to endure the mind fuck of multiple people passing me. I kept on pace as I traversed the first neighborhood, and did well on the 2 lane road berm section as well. The hill climbing into my neighborhood hurt a bit more this week, but my hidden water was waiting and I was in need.


There was no sun today, but the trees have bloomed in the past two weeks.

I walked and refilled my water, checked the time and restarted. I had a brief inclination to just go home but I knew I would regret it next week. I realized at that point I still hadn’t been caught by the group. Woot! That actually pushed me on a bit. I turned off the course, pleased with myself knowing that even if I walked the two miles left, I would be home in time.  I’m not going to lie. It hurt and I walked a bit. This loop was far hillier than the actual half course will be so the one less mile I ran might almost make up for it. I actually got home with enough time to do a 13th, but it would be cutting it really close and I was satisfied.

I returned home to a bit of chaos. Both kids were looking for breakfast, The Man was making them straighten up the family room, and packing his lunch (with much debate due to recent events). I traded stretching for vacuuming and helped get everyone settled. A while later, after a long hot shower,  I dressed the little one, who declared she was a princess with a need for frilly socks and a dress, and assisted in making multiple repairs to General Grevious’s Cycle Wheel, (who then was the subject of mini videos filmed on the iPad mini) and I finally got to eat.  I channeled M a bit and made some awesome chicken tacos, and poured myself a big Oasis cup of refreshing Diet Dr. Pete.


Chicken tacos, for the win!

I had forgotten to charge Garry, and he threatened to cut me off at 3 miles so my run info is split between runkeeper and Garmin today, annoying but at least I can pour over it. I had to send M the runkeeper stats lest she think I bailed at three when I shut Garry down for his poor attitude low battery alert. The run recap texting commenced as I finally sat down. I think I will stay here as long as humanly possible.

Darn it. Now they want lunch…



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