It must finally be spring if I’ve got spring fever, right?

9 05 2014

After a low key day after my long run, I was pleasantly surprised not to be sore the following morning. I did a good job for once pushing fluids post run, and I remembered the compression socks immediately post shower. And the chicken tacos. Lunch of champions!

Tuesday may have been the most beautiful day of 2014. I’ve been in a bit of a rut with my run routes and as I maximize time by running at lunch it is more by necessity than desire. The lunch run just was not in the cards Tuesday. The Man, however, had taken his beloved bike (which one? anyone who knows him would ask, and honestly I don’t know) out to a great park we’ve been to with the kids but haven’t really had the chance to fully explore. He scoped out some long run/ride and short run options, and we returned with the kids for playground time and my Tuesday run.

The straight asphalt path was a nice change from my winding concrete subdivision. It went along a creek, which appeared to have recently flooded over the path, trapping giant carp on the marsh side instead of the creekside. I thought one might try to jump the divide. Giant carp are creepy. The sun beating down, and straight path had me keeping a pace quite above my average. I changed my game plan from hoping for quick to as fast as I could stand for two miles, then an easier pace back. I realized when I turned around that it wasn’t just me on that run out, the wind was at my back. Oh well, it felt good at the time. I pushed a bit to keep above my half marathon desired pace on the way back despite being really tapped from the first two miles. I met up with the rest of the crew. Quickly, I realized that climbing the walls inside all winter had made the Little One into a bit of a daredevil. If my heart rate wasn’t already elevated, she would have been the cause. After a tantrum spirited discussion, we headed for the car and home. Careful orchestration of the pizza man and a bit of a tour of The Man’s earlier route brought us home for a nice family evening.

As Spring as Tuesday was, Thursday was like Summer. Mid 80’s for the first time in probably 8 months? Yay! I fit in my lunch run, in a tank top, but realized quickly that my body is not used to the 25+ degree difference just yet. I hadn’t properly hydrated before I left and my hand held water bottle was 1/2 empty at one mile. I tried to keep a consistent pace, and decided 2 miles was enough. I was drenched in sweat and fully out of water by the time I got back.

The totals by Friday night were 6 miles run, 3 swim lessons, countless backyard hours, one preschool picnic and a Cub Scout meeting. One mama with Spring Fever in full force.



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