Eleventy billion excuses, and I still feel guilty.

10 05 2014

The good, the bad and the ugly, right? They are all to be expected during training. I experienced them all, this week.

The Good – the spring weather, seeing green instead of brown during my runs, my Tuesday run, the registration for the 10k at the Cleveland Marathon (yay, bling!), The Little One having a shyness break through (huge mama smiles!)

The Bad- my acclimation to the new heat on Thursday, the weather forecast for today, the fact that I had to hire babysitter (she’s awesome, not bad, to clarify) to run, my long run started much later than I’m used to due to the last two things

The Ugly-my house was a wreck so I cleaned for an hour and a half before the sitter got here, the chafing from my sports bra, the lack of stashed water on my route today, the toe pain today, the hip muscle craps today. Hell, let’s just say from mile 6.5 on during todays run.

I felt fully justified in coming home early during my run. Ten hours later? Not so much. My pace really wasn’t that much better than last week, I just wasn’t as prepared.

Was it being awake for 3 hours before leaving? Being on my feet sweeping, vacuuming, scrubbing toilets and showers? Was it the two loads of laundry I had completed before setting out? Was it the spring blooms affecting my breathing? Are my toenails just a bit too long? Did the body glide wear off since I was wearing my sports bra during above mentioned cleaning? Was it a shitty attitude? Was is mental weakness? Am I just fed up with how my speed tanks once I add miles above 6 as a long run? Should I put the superfeet in my shoes?

Rest assured this is only a sampling of the stream of consciousness that has been my brain this afternoon and evening. Tomorrow is a new day, and I’ve got lots planned for the day that will help me not ruminate and bring myself down.

I ran six strong miles today, and then two more. I’m racing in Cleveland next Sunday. I need to get my head straight, and in a positive light. No matter what it WILL be a PR since I’ve never raced a 10k.

I WILL finish the half in two weeks. I am trained, I am ready, despite obstacles (flu, road trip, schedules) I have more or less completed my training plan. It’s time to taper off.

The guilt stops here. Ok, maybe right after I aquaphor my chaffing and trim the toenails, you know just in case that was part if it.




One response

10 05 2014

Ugh, lots of obstacles today. It happens sometimes–don’t beat yourself up.

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