Week of wind

18 05 2014
Golf ball sized hail is not friends with aluminum siding

Golf ball sized hail is not friends with aluminum siding

I had an off week with my training. We had some really bad storms here, including hail and a now substantiated tornado on Monday. Tuesday I used my lunch hour to set up an insurance claim and a contractor to review our damage. I considered running that evening but it was just a really tough day and we went out for ice cream instead.

I said it was an off week, you were forewarned.

Wednesday I did an indoor track run at the rec center. I counted laps reliably, I’m 99% sure, and had some good speed. I pushed it pretty hard as I wasn’t sure how long The Little One would last in the day care so I wanted to be sure I took advantage of every minute.

The rest of the week was crazy and Friday I had to go down to the Expo for packet pick up (total misnomer as they didn’t print the race info stuff this year, which really annoyed me) but I got a few fun things for a few friends, and for the half in two weeks. The Kid loved the expo. I’ll have to take him with me again in two weeks.

More like packet-less, shirt and bib pickup

More like packet-less, shirt and bib pickup

My second run for the week, as discussed via text with M was a 30 minute stretch the legs out run. I had to drop off The Kid at 7:30am so I figured might as well make the best of the damp dreary early Saturday and get it over with right away. I was dropping him off right near the lake the half will run around in two weeks. It’s a crushed limestone trail that’s just over a mile each way. I took it really slow and finished the out and back as my timer hit 30 minutes.

As Saturday progressed my anxiety about Sundays race increased. Texting commenced, naturally. M and I set good, better and unicorn goals for the race. There was arguing back and forth, M having much more faith in my training than I. I tried to rest a bit but somehow I did not rest, nor did I get anything done. I had to be up before 5AM, and didn’t end up asleep until after 11PM. Of course, The Little One chose that night to wake up after a week of full nights sleep, luckily she snuggled back in quickly.

I had laid out all my clothes, and gear before bed so I was very efficient in getting moving and put of the house. I realized about a mile down the road that I failed to grab my banana. I turned around, I was not making that mistake again. The drive downtown went easily, I adjusted my exit as I am pretty familiar with the parking an exit one sooner than most people appeared to be targeting. I needed to be able to get out of town efficiently, but was not necessarily worried about proximity to the finish line.

I parked, finished getting dressed and kind of dragged my heels about going out into the cold. It was low 40’s and windy, but no chance of rain. I had a full hour and was not concerned about the walk to the start. I decided it best to find a restroom though, so I headed towards Public Square. I noticed a few run ready people heading out of the Residence Inn, so I ducked in and was pleasantly surprised by a lack of line for the lobby facilities. I hung out there a bit and stretched in the warmth. I also plotted out my route to my car post race.

On my walk down to the start, I got a bit nostalgic thinking of the amazing experience I had last year (in detail here from M’s point of view, but she was sitting on my couch when she typed it so I added some and concur) with my friends. I stopped and took a picture at the fountain in Public Square that M, J and I had posed at after the half. I sent them a selfie of me alone there saying there was something missing. I giggled to myself as I passed the parking garage J had to search forever for a parking spot as the Sweet Adeline’s had commandeered the spots for the weekend. I noticed a significant increase in spectators and supporters in the corral area this year. Security was pretty high last year as Boston was still so raw. I noticed a lot of security presence, but people with blankets and sport chairs as well, even once I got into my corral. I chatted with a few ladies who were running their first half that morning. Both were very happy to learn that last year was my first and I was back on the course even if I wasn’t doing the half. I even found a couple who is running the 5k at the half event in two weeks. They were all quite nice and kept the mood light. I really needed that as my nerves were creeping up as my muscles tightened up with each gust of wind. By this point in the week, I was over the wind. My toes and house had both been victims of it’s games.

The Little One "helps" me trace the 10K route on my printed out at home packet.

The Little One “helps” me trace the 10K route on my printed out at home packet.



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