Anticipation – a double edged sword, and Twin Sizzler recap

5 07 2014

Anticipation is a powerful thing. Sometimes is a positive force, but other times, I think it works against me.

I think if I didn’t get excited about races, I would just sit on the couch instead of running. Mostly though, my races are friend focused. I’m never going to even place in my age group. It’s all about the experience and keeping me honest and active. Pushing myself along, and sometimes even ahead is a bonus.


I had been looking forward to the 39th annual Twin Sizzler since the half in May. We made plans to do another family BBQ/swim day post race, and it kept me moving a bit more than I would have otherwise. I was not ready to race, but I knew I would get through it. Mostly I was excited to spend some time running with a friend. Solo running is getting to me. I was excited to have a running buddy for the day.

In the back of my head though, I have those nagging kidney stones. I kept thinking, what if they decide to move during the race? Or immediately post race? What if I can’t even finish a 10k after running a half 5 weeks before? How will I recover in time for my trip to the East Coast next week? Then, of course, I think about if they move during my trip. I’m driving 6 plus hours solo with the kids. That’s the negative side of anticipation, sometimes it snowballs into anxiety. I have enough self induced performance and weather related worries spinning in my head with my running, these uninvited passengers are not helping me one bit, as tiny as they might be.

On the weather side of worries, we lucked out with a not so sizzling day. It was high 60’s at 9am, the 10k start time. The event is a bit unique in that you can do multiple events. The 5k starts at 7:45 so one can do the 10k as well. For multi sport athletes, if you are speedy, you can treat it as a duathalon and do the 5k then the bike race. There’s a kids run as well. It’s quite the event, and I can see why it’s a community classic. The weather was perfect, we could not have asked for more. 


I  stayed with my partner in crime through the race catching up on the antics of our kids, jobs and lives in general. My mid back twinged a bit about mile 2.5, I grabbed I bit of extra water then and hoped for the best. I wasn’t sure it wasn’t stone related, but I couldn’t rule it out either. Luckily, it faded to a dull ache and eventually subsided. Dodged a bullet there. This course took us into some very hilly areas, so it could have been that. The up side is I found a few streets to run on very close to my house that I hadn’t explored yet. We were the only people at the water stops, so we chatted with the volunteers, who were exceptionally friendly. There was really nice crowd support, even with the race using some of the major routes around town. Even those of us at the back of way behind the pack had great race support. We did opt for a bit of sidewalk running for a small stretch before the final ascent into the square, but the traffic was much more controlled than the day of the half. After 39 years of this, they really have things down to a science.

About a half a mile to go I asked if it was ok for me to push ahead up the hill. I was so disappointed at my finish line approach for the half, that I wanted to beat that hill, or at least not crawl up it. My family was about a quarter mile from the finish, and The Kid decided to run in with me. He was smiling the entire time and chattering alongside me. It was so great. I can’t wait to see the finish line photos!

Overall it was a great race, we maintained a decent pace  despite spending a lot of time walking. I felt good and strong during the portions I ran. I’m feeling positive about my C25K modifications I’m working on to try to bring up my speed again. I revised my paper training plan, yet again, and I think it’s going to help without killing me in the process. And that’s what I’m anticipating, enjoying the process and the journey. I have a few races on the horizon, but right now my only official registration is for the Army Ten Miler this fall, which from the experiences I have read, it will be worth the preparation.



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