Cure for the blahs? Achilles heel 10k

17 07 2014

How do you cure the blahs? You enlist friends, and then watch a friend complete an inspiring and amazing race.

I think it worked for me.

I’ve been struggling for the past six weeks, barely getting runs in, and not really even caring that I wasn’t running. Overall my mood had been not so sunny. Not running clearly wasn’t helping that situation, and the weight I lost in early spring was starting to creep back on. I needed a kick in the ass, or some mental inspiration. Something, anything to get me back at it. Opportunity knocked in the form of J signing up for an Olympic distance triathlon. Of course, way back then I had no idea I would get to be a part of it, nor that it would be the antidote I needed.

J signed up for the race long before she was benched from running due to an Achilles injury. She trained with amazing focus her training for the swim and bike portions, but she was really worried about the run. Her last 10k was over six months ago, and wasn’t after a 1 mile swim and 24 mile ride. She had only been officially cleared for short runs about 3 weeks before race day.

M was flying in from Texas for the occasion (she loves a good excuse to visit) and I decided to make the six plus hour road trip with the kids to join in on the fun. The Kid and the Small One adored J’s middle kids last year and she said the more the merrier, so plans were dialed in. About two and a half weeks before the race J asked M and I if we would run the 10k with her–she was really worried she was not going to be able to finish. She’s generally a bit speedier than the two of us, but her swim and bike would level the playing field. And hopefully, the excitement of the company would carry her through.

M and I began scheming via text as soon as plans solidified. We needed to get her through the run, and to make it fun. This wasn’t going to be your average jog. We each had assignments, which we took seriously, and executed with precision and humor. Here’s M’s weekend recap with all the details.

We made the best of our short trip and enjoyed every second of it. Well, we did. Poor J had some stomach issues at the end of the race, but she powered through and finished strong. She’s such a great role model, for me, her kids, my kids, heck, everyone. How many people would tackle their first triathlon after 4 kids, full time job and a major injury? Not many.

I keep trying to think about her focus and drive. I know I can’t be her, but seeing her continue to laugh at the antics of M and me, despite the agony she must have been in, gets me off my butt and out the door. And that’s where it all starts, right?



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