And, just like that, summer is gone.

1 09 2014

I’ve been neglectful, not just of my blog, but of my running this summer. I would do great for a week or two, and then some lame excuse would get me off track. My mood has reflected my poor attendance to my scheduled runs, in fact if I it had been a summer school course, I would be repeating the class this school year.  This morning, I at least put in the effort when I found that my attitude mirrored that of one of my favorite t-shirts, a Another Mother Runner lifestyle tee that says “If you don’t have anything nice to say, go for a run.”  After  four humid miles, I was a much better participant in the day.  I tried another loop suggested by my neighbor and it helped to keep me fresh, I think. Later, I was reminded I have 42 days until the Army Ten Miler.  Yeah, that’s like, soon. I guess I should have squeaked in an extra mile at the end of that run, huh? The good of that is that I get to see 2/3 fabulous women from my “forgot to press the publish button draft” that I wrote in July. I finally posted that today. Maybe its 42 days late? It’s close.


The bad? Yeah, the fact that I have only run over 5 miles twice since May 31st’s half.  August really only consisted of me complaining about a lot of things, so you didn’t miss much. Promise. The highlight of the month in running was an awesome 10K I did with the Cleveland Chapter of Moms Run This Town. What an awesome group of ladies. They held their summer safari out of a local running store, which opened its doors at 8am on a seriously muggy Sunday morning to a nice crowd of ladies. They served mimosas, bagels and cookies. It’s no wonder it was my favorite run on August!  Seriously though, it got me a bit energized for seeking group runs. I met 3 fabulous ladies I ran with, one whom I used to live near (if only we knew each other a year ago!) and two that spent a good deal of time helping me with breathing techniques and my “mental game.”  It wasn’t my fastest 10K, but it was what I needed that day. I pushed myself pretty hard, my first two miles were well above my normal pace, three and four were closer to normal and five and six pretty crappy (although 6 was straight up hill and included crossing 2 major roads that had significantly  increased in traffic since we started). It was so good to have company.  I also found out about a semi-local group run as well that sounded promising, but then we drove to that park and its a good 30 minute drive, so an hour of time I generally don’t have in driving.  I might check it out, but its not going to be easy to make in a part of my routine.  I’m so glad I went to the run though, it tipped my anxiety a bit, but I met some really nice ladies. And the swag? AWESOME!


A successful 5 miler at Hinkley Lake

A successful 5 miler at Hinkley Lake


I ended August with a group lesson in Stand Up Paddleboarding , arranged by a good friend from my cycling days.  C joined us at the Medina Half, and got me to sign up for it next year at the ex po.  I had totally forgotten about that until we were chatting on the SUP’s.  Oops.  The class was great fun, the ladies from Nalu led us in a quick lesson on land and then we hit Lake Erie, via Wendy Park. I wish I could say I was a natural, but as with all my athletic endeavors thus far in life, I was not. I did however enjoy it immensely.  And I am quite good at the “orca” technique of getting back on the board due to lots of practice. Others were able to get into yoga poses, I stayed in mountain and whatever you would call bailing into the water.  One lady even attempted a headstand, I fell just watching her (seriously). It gave me a touch of open water swimming and a new experience, if nothing else. It was so cool to see the Cleveland Air Show going on to the east, and my kids and The Man hanging on the beach to my west. I hope I can get in another session or two before the weather turns, I’ve already talked it up to my best friend and my neighbor. Hopefully I can coerce a partner in crime to join in the fun!


I'm the one in pink going to wrong direction.

I’m the one in pink going to wrong direction. That’s Browns Stadium on the far right.


So, on to September,  because summer is gone. Just like that. It’s back to carting kids to and from school, cub scouts and soccer. And finding the time to run each weekend. The best part of back to school is that my lunch hours are a bit more my own, so I can squeeze some runs in there.  Fall is when I started running, back more than a dozen years ago, and even in the years I wasn’t really doing any running, it was the one time of year, I did run. I love fall. The weather, the leaves changing color, the fresh apples (I am such an apple snob) and the Halloween and fall festivities. I love it all!  I’m hoping that my love of fall, will translate into a desire to run, and in turn my overall mood will improve.

It’s time to bust out of this funk. My goal tonight is to come up with the six week plan that will help me to succeed, or at least not die, during the ATM.





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