As a lifelong wannabe athlete I’ve settled into my late 30’s as a casual runner, who likes to cycle, and be outdoors. I’ve played high school and college tennis, ridden in 2 century rides, raced my mountain bike and  ran a few random 5K’s,  but all that was a decade or more ago and I’ve never been competitive. I have never been fast, exceptionally good or placed in my age group. I mainly compete with myself and in my own head. And that’s ok, the goal is to keep at it.   In May of 2013, I completed my first half marathon with 2 very dear friends who I still love despite them convincing me to train for and run  13.1 miles, all in a row.

So what does the future hold? It seems that another half, a bunch of 5K’s and just some activity in general. As 40 looms on the horizon, I know I need to be active to stay active. As a full time nurse, mom to 2 and wife to an active guy who works a crazy, ever changing schedule its a challenge. But as I’ve found, often in life, the things that mean the most are worth working through the challenges.

I intended to start this blog right after my completed half last summer.  A move (finally an offer on our house, mere days after the half!), a broken toe and acclimating to a new community have gotten in the way.  Late in 2013 I saw a sign about first year half marathon with a route that literally will bring me within a half mile of my home, it passes my son’s school, right near my daughters and basically forms a huge circle around my new community. How could I say no? And the medal, well, its going to be pretty. It has started me back up with a regular schedule and with a new mind set. I’m not just hoping to not die and cross the finish line, I have a goal. I have motivation to learn my way around town on foot as I learn a bit about the course, and hopefully meet some other local runners along the way.  So my treadmill, my new loops that I’m not 100% happy with yet and my drawers full of winter clothes (that honestly weren’t warm enough for much this winter!!!) will be getting me through this one, with a PR and a pool party to follow. Unless its still freaking snowing in May.

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